How Can I Get Started?

It's simple to start and no complex just 1-2-3 follow the step below.

  1. Deposit fund with the processor you want (Bitcoin, Payeer, Perfect Money). Click Here
  2. Upgrade to The Club Member to maximize your earning and qualify to receive weekly dividends.
  3. Buy Hubpoints(HP) for use or for receive weekly dividends. here is the fastest way to accumulate Hubpoints(HP).

    If you plan to grow your team (you can start making profits just invite 3 The Clubs) you can buy with any Hubpoints you want and if you plan to make a profit without any referrals, we recommended you start at 1,800,000 Hubpoints that can help you break even and start getting some profits.

    To manage your Hubpoints(HP) you can use your own strategy it may 50-50, 60-40, 70-30, 80-20 or 90-10 to make sustainable your earnings. (re-purchase - Profits)

  4. Invite Friend to increase more frequency of earnings from activities